Norseman CF-BFT

I thought you might be interested in Norseman CF-BFT now on display at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre in Sault Ste. Marie. So, following is some information on the machine and three photos as attachments.

The history of 'BFT is well documented in the "Register of Canadian Civil Noorduyn Norseman" by Bruce Gowans published in 1995 by The Red Lake Norseman Festival. The only thing I could add is that it was purchased from Stan Edkins of Aeropac Services, Fort Smith, NWT by The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre in the spring of 1998 and delivered to Sault Ste. Marie on May 22, 1998.

George Mercereau, a retired OPAS air engineer and Bushplane Centre volunteer (based at Red Lake 1958 and 1959) accepted 'BFT at Fort Smith on behalf of the Centre and accompanied pilot Don Smith on the ferry flight to the Soo. At the time, Don was a 737 pilot for Canadian Airways flying out of Calgary but in a previous time he had been Don Smith, bush pilot with Ignace Airways. Don had some time on 'BFT while at Ignace which may have something to do with him offering to do the ferry trip. They arrived late in the day at the Soo and did a couple of circuits of the city before landing. It was amazing how many people recognized the sound and turned up at the river within minutes!

A word or two on the photos:

Close-up of 'BFT taxiing Don Smith at the controls going out the morning after delivery to do some demo flights photo by Bob Parr

Tied up in front of the hangar the gentleman with the cane is Stan Johnson who grew up in Kenora (actually Norman) and became an air engineer with Starratt Airways at Hudson and later with the OPAS. While with the OPAS he spent a number of seasons based at Red Lake. Stan is still a regular visitor to the Centre and still keenly interested in bush aviation. Photo by Bob Parr

At the dock with some Sault Ste. Marie skyline in the background. Photo by Jack Minor

I don't know what I can add to the foregoing but if there is anything you think of, give me a shout.

Take care, see you at Red Lake later in the month.

Jack Minor.

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