The Norseman in Alaska

In Alaska as in other places the Norseman seems to have an early history followed by an absence and then a modern history.  If you have any Norseman photos from Alaska please email them to me so I can include them here.      Thanks Bill

Wien Alaska Air Norseman, 1952, Chrismas Mail Run to Old Crow on the Porcupine river, Yukon Territory, Canada
The photo at the left was sent by Don Hulshizer.
Don wrote:  I must have 1000 hours in a Norseman, I never added it up.  I flew for Wien Alaska Airline for 23 years and other local airlines after that. I am 82 now. My last job was co pilot on a C-46 hauling fuel oil to miners and natives until I was 74.

A present day Norseman in Alaska I belive this is the famous Norseman imortalized as a model, CF-GUE that was with Northway Aviation in Manitoba for many years.

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