The Norseman in the Fifties

Norseman Photos by Al Nelson Winnipeg MB


FQC 1949FQX at Central Northern Airways base Cold Lake MB  NOTE 1 FQX 1949FQX at Barrier Lake MB August 1949
FQX Maintenance check CNA cold lake
FQX South Indian lake pilot Jim Lapinski FQX at Pukatawagan MB 1949 pilot Jim Lapinski FQX at Norway House 1960 pilot Bill Eaton
FQX at Channing (Flin Flon float base) 1960
 Note 3
CRD  Note 4 CRC   Note 5
CRF at Lac Du Bonnet June 1949
Notes to above photos

Note 1:  FQX at Central Northern Airways (Predecessor of Transair) base at Cold Lake MB (just west of Sheridan).  Photo taken in August 1949.  The guy on the dock washing his brand new '49 Ford station wagon is Sid Keighley, an old time HBC man who had a store in Cold Lake.  A few years ago he wrote a book on his years in the north, titled "Tripper, Trapper, Trader" that was quite a good seller.

Note 2: FQX at Barrier Lake MB in August 1949.  Pilot Jim Lipinski, swamper Al Nelson, picking up a load of fish.

Note 3: Quote from Al Nelson--- BHS is a Lambair Mark V taken in February, 1959.  At the time I was flying Ilford Airways Cessna 180 CF-IRD and I believe the pilot of BHS was Doug Lamb. We were between Shamattawa and Ilford.

Note 4: Quote from Al Nelson-- Mark IV CRD at Cold Lake MB 1949.  At the time, the usual pilot on it was Jeff Home-Hay, who was also the CNA base manager.

Note 5: Quote from Al Nelson-- a drawing I made for the 1977 Transair Annual Report.  It commemorated their 25th anniversary and shows the first flight of its predecessor, Central Northern Airways, with CRC, and the latest at that time, the Boeing 737.

More from Al
June 8/01

I have been digging in my old slide files and I found a few more that you
might find interesting.
The first three are of Central Northern Airways CF-OBF taken Sept. 24, 1956,
just south of Gillam Man. At the time, we were hauling material for the
construction of the Mid-Canada Radar Line, and were returning to Ilford from
Spruce Lake, southeast of  York Factory. This was the drop-off point for site
521 of the radar line, the most easterly in the Manitoba sector. The pilot of
OBF I believe was Ron Craven, I was flying Mark VI CF-IRE, which is the one
in the fourth foto.
The fifth picture is of Mark IV CF-SAH, taken at Beaverhill Lake Manitoba,
August 28, 1957. At the time I was hauling fish with it for Peter Lazarenko's
Northland Airlines.
If you've had enough I can quit now, but I know there are more in my files so
I can keep sending them if you want more.
I Have referred a lot of my old pilot buddies to your site and they think
it's great that someone is maintaining interest in some of our favorite old
Bye for now,
Al Nelson